The Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine

Rangeley lakeThe Rangeley Lakes region in Maine is a popular destination for four season vacations with an outdoor flavor, where entertainment is what you find yourself through the natural and peaceful wonders that abound in the area.

Situated between the Kennebec River and New Hampshire the area became popular in the 1860s for serving up an exhilarating fishing getaway with Brook trout, which became one of its main attractions.

The extra attention Rangeley received for their fishing opportunities created various jobs, such as becoming guides for visitors who came to stay at newly erected sporting camps.

Today, the Rangeley Lakes region presents opportunities to explore the mountains, lakes, and woods in a neat four-season package.

During the spring season, fishermen race to the rivers and streams at Rangeley to earn bragging rights and gain a collection of triumphant memories. Bird watchers take to the woods – in hopes of spotting rarities. In the background, moose peek behind the forest brush in an attempt to savor the first signs of spring. The Mountain Top Stables provides adventurous horseback riding escapades.

When the summertime takes over, the region attracts a heftier number, as visitors set their sights on exciting hiking, canoeing, fishing, golfing, water skiing, kayaking, and mountain biking opportunities. Competitive and leisurely golf outings unfold about the greens at Mingo Springs Golf Course and the Evergreen Golf Club.

To enjoy panoramic views of the Rangeley Lakes region, many hikers seek out the Bald Mountain Trail on the Bald Mountain Road (south of Oquossoc), which takes one mile to reach the summit. In the fall, the colors of leaves blanket the land in an enchanting spread.

The foliage that dictates Rangeley in the fall offers one of the most vibrant displays of autumn colors to absorb. As the last chances to fish and golf near, the hunting season welcomes the changes of the land. This is also the time where ATV riding becomes quite popular, as about 40 miles of wooded; challenging terrain creates a slew of satisfying trails. In August, the Outdoor Sporting Heritage Days focuses on fishing, hunting, outdoors education, as well as the Sportsmen’s Hall of Fame.

As the region becomes covered in snow, winter sports are prime, where snowmobiling, snow shoeing, and various skiing opportunities (alpine and Nordic) keep visitors busy. There are 150 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in the Rangeley Region that also connect to the Interstate Trail System and parts of New Hampshire.

Saddleback Mountain Summit

Skiing takes places at the Saddleback Maine alpine ski area with big mountain adventures about the 4,120-foot elevated slopes. A vertical drop of 2,000 feet often entices skiers.

The Rangeley Lakes Trails Center is another site for entertaining skiing.

A must-do in the region is to experience one of the numerous hikes and trails, including Angel Falls, the Appalachian Trail, Bemis Stream Trail, Cascade Stream Gorge Trail, Forest Legacy Trail, Hunter Cove Wildlife Sanctuary, Saddleback Mountain, and the Wilhelm Reich Museum Walking Trails.

The Rangeley Lakes region is a closely-guarded secret for those who’ve discovered its treasures and for those seeking something more adventurous and peaceful than the heavily populated coastal destinations.

Give it try – you’ll not be disappointed.