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Cliff Calderwood is a travel writer living in rural Massachusetts. He writes extensively about New England where he has lived for the last 31 years with his family and dogs, and a bunch of animals in the woods that have a lot more right to live there than he does - but he watches out for them.

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Self-Publishing is Becoming the New Normal for Authors

amy galuszka photoIt’s said we each have a book inside us. While this may be true it has to be extracted out – ouch! – and worse “sold” to a publishing house so it can be marketed, and then if you’re lucky you may see a few dollars for what could be a year’s hard labor.

The fact is, many authors see little financial gain from having a published book. It does provide a way of sharing their knowledge and experience, but unfortunately the odds of getting your book published by an established publishing house are almost nil.

Today however, there are many alternatives to getting your book published and self-publishing is becoming the new normal for many who want to see their book… published.

Amazon for one offers self-publishing, and in particular their Kindle offerings give just about anybody the chance to see their work published.

This is the case with one first time author from New England – Amy Galuszka.

Amy has been in the retail business since her college days and has managed and trained managers at large and small stores to operate a retail business. She has consulted for some large retailers.

Amy recently decided to pour her years of experience into writing a Kindle eBook about operating a retail store. This is not a simple 30-page booklet like so many you see for eReaders these days. The eBook covers the topic comprehensively, and covers the topics of hiring and managing staff, running the store, providing outstanding customer service, managing merchandise and promoting your store locally.

Amy says “This book is for anybody that has dreamt of owning and operating a store as an entrepreneur.” She adds “Most books on retailing spend a lot of time on the start-up phase on choosing the niche and getting funding, but skim the critical operational aspects. Getting the operational processes and routines sorted out from the start can make the difference between a profitable venture and a failed business.”

But there is work involved in self-publishing a book. While Amy had her vast knowledge of her chosen topic to draw on for the book many people use “ghostwriters” or outsource the actual wiring. This is not unusual at all and many New York bestsellers are written by names other than on the jacket. The other elements are having a cover graphic and the design and layout. Amy outsourced many of these elements and had a JV partner prepare and upload the ebook to Amazon kindle platform.

Amy was born in Granby Massachusetts and got her first job in retail when she was just 16-years old. Amy continued to learn the retailing business through her college years and eventually worked for such retailing giants as Mens Express, NY and Co., and Aeropostale. Amy attended Westfield State College and has received a number of retail awards.

Amy’s book is available on Amazon now and is titled “Step-By-Step Guide For Running a Retail Store Business: How to Operate and Market a Retail Shop to Maximize Profits.”

If you feel you have a book in you and willing to dive into self-publishing then check out the Amazon Digital Publishing getting started page here:

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