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Joan has been writing about New England covering shopping, home buying, gifts and events from the region. She grew up in Boston and hasn't ventured too far but like many of the writers here she loves to travel in New England. Expect her to write about her favorite destinations and attractions as well, and write about news and events.

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Things to Do for February School Vacation Week in New England

school vacation crazy mum ImageIf you haven’t planned your week with the kids at home yet, and beginning to dread the thought of the next week holed-up in New England with “driving you crazy” youngsters, then get out and about doing activities with them.

This is not only therapeutic for them but you as well.

After the winter we’ve had so far it’s time to get out for the whole family and do something different than shoveling snow or watching the ice dams on the roof build up.

I love lists and here are some resources of Things to do for February School Vacation Week in New England.

These are fun ideas for the whole family and include museums, tubing parks, indoor resorts, skiing, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, kids shows and art, and a whole host more.

Connecticut Family Adventures:

The Nutmeg state offers plenty of cabin fever relievers, entertainment for kids, history trails, arts and culture, and children museums. The Visit Connecticut web site is a great source to start for planning your Connecticut “off the hook” week. Begin your adventure by choosing what to do here >>> more

Maine and 2,700 Choices for Families:

Maine is not only New England’s largest state it also has a large list of things to do for families. Like New Hampshire snow sports factor deep in Maine’s wintertime activities, but the coastal areas pack plenty of indoor destinations as well if keeping warm and cozy tops your list during school vacation week. Picks include LL Bean and the whole Freeport thing – and you don’t even have to spend a dime to let the kid’s burn off energy there – and Portland has museums and the Southworth Planetarium. Check out Uptakes big list here >>> more

Getting Out of the House in Massachusetts:

Wherever you find yourself in Massachusetts during February vacation you’re not far from a zoo, Resort Park, snow trails, wildlife, and of course plenty of museums. Boston overflows with fun family activities but so do Cape Cod and Islands and western Massachusetts. Many of the living museums in the state have special events going on this next week and through the month. For the big Massachusetts list check out the Mass Vacation February page here >>> more Also Boston.com has a great list here >>> more

New Hampshire Loves Kids as Well:

With a reputation for wide open spaces and clean deep lakes New Hampshire beckons families four seasons for vacations, and certainly if outdoor fun is what to seek for your school vacation week then this state has it all. But there is so much more and though my chosen resource contains parks and amusements not open during the winter there’s tons of places to visit for families in February on this list of 1,500 things to do for families. Hop over to the Uptake web site to scan it here >>> more

Rhode Island and 60 Great Things to Do:

The “smallest state in the union” is teeming with activities for kids and family and the Visit RI site has 60 suggestions for you. Picks include the Aviation Museum in North Kingstown, snow tubing in Exeter – yes there are no mountains but we get snow! And also outside is Newport’s Family Skating Center and Walking Tour of Historic Woonsocket – check on information before leaving on this one. Get the complete list here >>> more

Vermonters Guide to Things to Do:

Not exactly a guide just for things to do in Vermont for February vacation but a good list anyways is compiled by our friends over at the Visit Vermont web site. Whether your idea of family fun is dog sledding in the frozen north or keeping warm in the south and indoors at the kaleidoscope Vermont Country Store, the Green Mountain state has a lot more in the winter than skiing – although this year I’m told by Vermont friends the skiing is best for a long time. Grab the list here >>> more

Have fun checking out these resources and choosing your February vacation week destinations, and another New England Vacation post by one of our writers is being prepared right now so be sure to visit again or just subscribe to our RSS Feed here and get notified automatically of events and news.

Joan Daniels
Staff Writer
New England Online Magazine

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    Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are two of my families favorite february activities. Best off all there’s plenty of places to go to enjoy them and they’re are totally free. A big plus for us :)

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